After several decades of leadership to the Roanoke River Basin, President Gene Addesso announced his retirement at the end of 2015.

The RRBA board of directors, not wanting to lose Gene’s skills and knowledge of the issues we have taken on, has conferred on Gene the lifetime title of President Emeritus of the association in recognition of his achievements and commitment to the cause of protecting our water and improving our environment in the Roanoke River Basin. Gene will be spending a lot more time on the golf course and fishing on Kerr Lake with his grandsons.

Newly elected President, Mike Pucci of the RRBA announced the appointments of 2 new board of directors at the April 1 meeting in Danville, VA. Tommy Roberson, former Mayor of Williamston for 22 years and founder of the Roanoke River Mayors Association, joins the board and brings years of relationships with key decision makers in Raleigh and the communities in the lower Basin. Mr. Roberson was an integral supporter of the NC Coalition against Uranium mining and milling and he brings a wealth of experience to our board. The second appointment was awarded and accepted by Alan Purser, the President of the Roanoke Rapids Chamber of Commerce, also a supporter of the NC Coalition against Uranium mining and milling, Alan brings representation to the board from the business community in the Roanoke Rapids corridor and relationships with elected officials in Raleigh. We are blessed with the addition of these two outstanding leaders who join a board of directors that has extraordinary levels of technical and political expertise on environmental and other issues that threaten our Basin. Please join us in congratulating Gene on his retirement and the membership of “Mayor Tommy” and Alan to our group.