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Partnering with The Dan River Basin Association and with the leadership of Key-Log Economics, LLC, the RRBA is assisting and participating in an Ecosystem Services assessment project.

Previous studies in the Roanoke River basin (RRB) have addressed ecosystem services at a conceptual level and conservation measures have sought to protect such services as water supply, water purification, and water-based recreation (Rashleigh B., Lagutov V., Salathe T., 2012; Roanoke River Basin Association. n.d.).

The new study will build on this foundation by comprehensively examining a broad suite of services, including their spatial distribution and value, across the entire RRB (including the Dan River and Lower Roanoke sub-basins). This broad-brush, basin-wide information will provide a foundation on which citizens, planners, and resource managers at state and federal agencies can build an understanding and prioritize actions to restore quality ecosystem function in the River Basin. The project work begins with a full day workshop to be conducted at the Halifax Community College in Weldon, NC on April 19,2018…… read the full scope here.

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