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The status quo remains. Virginia elected officials have not allowed Uranium mining to go forward in Pittsylvania County.

The City of Virginia Beach commissioned a model developed to demonstrate what would happen in the event of a typical rainfall that we get in the summertime and how much uranium might end up in the Roanoke River and for how long the River would be contaminated, destroying the drinking water supply for counties in North Carolina and Virginia and the City of VA Beach, which draws their drinking water from Lake Gaston. That model is front and center in our Website at RoanokeRiverBasinAssociation.ORG. The model shows with each rainfall the basin would endure 3 years of radioactive contamination. The impact would destroy our water in NC and VA and the million-plus people in the Virginia Beach region, affecting the water supply for the strategic command.

We all must be in touch with our elected officials in Virginia to keep our water supply from radioactive contamination! The State of North Carolina is on record in opposition to uranium mining in VA, as it affects the water supply in the counties north of Raleigh.

The case will start July 6-10 at Wise County Court House in Wise County, VA.

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