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WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court upheld a Virginia law that prohibits uranium mining within the commonwealth's borders, in a splintered ruling that affirmed the powers of the states to regulate mining on private lands within their territories.

The Dan River spill, one of the largest in US History seems like a long time ago. The memory of dealing with the DEQ in Raleigh, however stays with me and I'm sure Gene Addesso. We were dealing with a Republican administration who were very embarrassed and a DEQ leadership that was embarrassed to the point that they would not even speak with us, lawsuits were filed attorneys asked ridiculous and uneducated questions, and all the while, the coal ash spill was slowly traveling toward the Kerr Dam.


This is one area that most people can readily identify with and appreciate. This program is up and mining and the association is seeking capital funding for North Carolina to expand facilities.

The status quo remains. Virginia elected officials have not allowed Uranium mining to go forward in Pittsylvania County.

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