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About the RRBA

Who We Are And What We Do

RRBA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization whose mission is to establish and carry out a strategy for the development, use, preservation and enhancement of the resources of the Roanoke River basin in the best interest of present and future generations of Basin residents. RRBA believes that basin resource conservation can co-exist with managed economic growth.

RRBA consists of hundreds of members, mostly located within the basin of the 410-mile-long Roanoke River, including local governments, non-profit, civic and community organizations, regional government entities, businesses and individuals.

The subject of water prompted the formation of RRBA and gives it a reason for continuing existence.

The RRBA opposes uranium mining and milling in southern shores Virginia, coal ash pond spills and threats of contamination, and any inter-basin transfers of water that would have a negative impact on the people of the basin. We seek to protect water resources and growth potential, as both are essential for the environment and the economic vitality of the basin.

Water is especially important to Basin residents because it is vital to the health of basin communities. Recreation and tourism, hydropower generation, commercial fishing, manufacturing and agricultural production constitute the backbone of the Basin economy. Each is dependent on an ample supply of clean water.

The quantity and quality of water in the Basin are also essential to the future of the natural environment. Pollution, flooding and droughts pose problems for the future of the Basin environment. Each can be controlled through appropriate planning and decision-making by public bodies. RRBA seeks to serve as a catalyst to bring that about and to galvanize public support for the wise management of Basin resources.

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